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What is the origin of customized labels?
Pressure sensitive labels Italy
Nowadays customized labels are an essential tool in marketing strategies.
They make a product recognizable, increase the value of packaging and are essential for developing a brand identity. 

Labels are a very common product. We are used to seeing and touching them during our everyday lives. Thinking of a world without labels seems impossible.

Still, it wasn't always like that.

The invention of labels, as we know them today, is relatively recent.
The first matrix printing process, called "offset", was invented by Robert Barclay in 1875.
Offset printing is a planographic and indirect printing process on rolls, which allows an image printing from a plate to a paper; even on irregular surfaces.

Barclay’s invention has been very important for developing modern marketing projects.
Since then, the process has clearly evolved and improved. From the first rudimentary creation, it moved on to a universe of options and solutions, which made possible the realization of highly customized solutions.

For years Tac Roll has been a leader in this field; in design, creation and production of customized adhesive labels of any shape and appearance.

For us, satisfying commercial needs of our customers is a commitment of extraordinary importance. Therefore, we are constantly engaged in research and development of our production and printing techniques, in order to be able to offer, over time, the best solutions available on the market.
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